Social Media

We create engaging posts and videos that highlight you and your office and publish them to the platforms that are going to benefit you the most. Boring text-only posts aren’t enough anymore. Your amazing practice needs to shine! We can also run ads for you. Do you know where you should spend money? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? We can help you figure it out. Posting informational tidbits and videos to your social profile can set you up as the expert in your field. The goal is to put out great content, generate excitement among your followers, and drive leads. Social media isn’t just social anymore, it’s business. Our advice is to have fun with it and your patients, but take it very seriously.

Google Business Profile

So, you have a website and you’re excited that you can get your name out there and people can find you. That’s great! But do they see you when they Google “Chiropractors Near Me” or “Chiropractors in (city)?” If you don’t come up on the first page and in the Google map that pops up, we have work to do. A website is very important, but if there is no way to get traffic to it, it’s useless. You have to be seen. What does that mean? The information that is going to move them to call you or visit your website should be there. Your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) should be there and be correct. Note for you docs here: If the state that you live in has your personal phone number on record where you got your license, that number can be pulled by third party listing services and can generate phone calls to that number instead of your office number. Make sure your phone number matches EVERYWHERE. There should also be a link to your website along with business hours, photos and reviews. We can create and manage your Google business profile, optimize it, help your Maps listing, and your local SEO or we can consult for you. We can guide you through the process to set up your Google Business Profile so that patients searching for a chiropractor find you first and not your competition.


Reviews are powerful. The overwhelming majority of consumers consider reviews with nearly the same trust as a personal recommendation from a close friend. This means that you need to be asking for reviews on a consistent basis to keep them current and help potential patients see your office as a thriving practice that they can trust. Asking for reviews in conversation while a patient is standing in your office can be difficult. Tru North is here to help with our review platform. Inside your dashboard you can personalize your request, choose how quickly a patient gets a request after they leave your office, choose your preferred posting platform, choose email or text, choose to automatically post a great review, get notified without automatic posting about a negative review, and more. 

A note about reviews: you’re going to get negative reviews and that’s okay. You need, however, an overwhelming majority of positive reviews to offset those few negative ones. Always respond to reviews. If it’s positive, say thank you. If it’s negative, address it professionally and courteously. Ignoring it will not make it go away and leaves too many unanswered questions for inquiring minds.

Web Design

Your website should show prospective patients who you are, give them a feel for your office, and let them know what to expect when they come in. They need to feel like they know you from the very beginning so that trust can be built. You need a website that is clean, responsive, optimized, and secure. It’s even better if you have pictures of your office and staff along with some professional videos that are short but informative. It doesn’t have to be a fancy website, but it should make contacting your office easy and desirable.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is, basically, getting people to see you in the digital world. It’s slowly building your total web presence one connected piece at a time. It involves links to your website, keywords, social media, video, Google, and more. SEO is not an overnight cure for a struggling business and anyone who tells you that it is can get you penalized with Google. If that happens, you’ve lost any good ground you had and your investment. We need to make sure you’re at the top of the first page on Google otherwise, you won’t get the number of calls that you should because nobody knows you exist. We handle your SEO with extreme care and build it right.

Print Media

When print media is put in your hand, you will automatically (and in about 3 seconds) make a decision on how trustworthy and legit a company is based on the quality of the material presented to you. You build authority and elicit trust when your print media is skillfully designed with attention to detail. We can design your logo, business cards, brochures, flyers, and banners; all with a look and feel that is completely you.


Videos are a great way to introduce yourself to your prospective patients before they’re ever in your office. Videos that describe your why, not sound like a sales video will engage and influence your audience. They are also excellent for SEO and are much more effective in boosting your rankings with Google than text alone.

Videos are also important when it comes to learning. Classrooms across the country use video to present information and you can learn about nearly anything on YouTube. You establish yourself as the expert in your industry with videos that are informative and highlight your practice with a look and feel that is uniquely you